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Join us as we celebrate the launch and availability of truSculpt—our NEW nonsurgical procedure developed for those that live a healthy lifestyle but just can’t rid themselves of those stubborn areas, including cellulite.



TruSculpt ID is the latest technology in body sculpting. It uses heat to kill fat cells, which your body then naturally eliminates over time. Instead of using lasers like the older technology which would only treat the middle layer of fat between your skin and muscles, TruSculpt ID uses a proprietary radiofrequency technology to penetrate the fat from just below your skin all the way to the muscle layer. This more intense and thorough treatment leads to an average of 24% fat loss in the treated area after 1 treatment. CoolSculpting is the only other noninvasive body contouring system that can claim the same results, but there are a few important differences. TruSculpt ID is FDA approved for normal weight and obese patients. CoolSculpting is not approved for a patient with a BMI over 30. Also, since TruSculpt ID uses heat to kill the fat cells, the patient usually has skin tightening as a very welcome side effect. The treatment takes about 15 minutes in the office with no downtime whatsoever. Even though many patients see some results within a week, it can take up to 12 weeks to see the full results.


What is truSculpt®?

truSculpt is the latest nonsurgical, no downtime procedure that’s clinically proven to target problem areas on the body that are resistant to diet and exercise, like cellulite.

How does truSculpt work?

truSculpt is an energy-based procedure that delivers controlled, yet comfortable, doses of therapeutic heat to the target zone, firming and smoothing problem areas over time.

Who is right for truSculpt?

truSculpt is the ideal alternative for both women and men that live a healthy lifestyle but have problem areas that neither a NO-carb, NO-sugar diet nor any amount of crunches or 5K runs can resolve.

How many treatments are required?

2 to 4 treatment sessions spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart is recommended to achieve optimal results.

Is the treatment painful?

While pain varies from patient-to-patient, most truSculpt patients find the procedure comfortable and therapeutic.

Can I return to daily activities following the treatment?

Yes. truSculpt is a no downtime procedure giving you the freedom to return to your daily activities immediately post treatment.