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Specialized pediatric care starts at birth and continues through your child’s teen years. As a leading family practice doctor, Shana's is known for her training and expertise and patience with treating children and women. Whether your child needs a routine exam, sick visit, or updated boosters, the team at Texas Medical Home can help. Schedule your child’s appointment at the Richardson, Texas, clinic by calling the office or booking online.

Pediatric Care Q & A

Why should my child see a doctor?

While all medical doctors can treat issues and ailments in boys and girls of all ages, this team has specialized expertise. These medical professionals have been through additional educational and hands-on medical training to focus on specific health issues that babies, young children, and teenagers face.

Because your child’s dedicated practitioner is there through crucial developmental years, they keep tabs on growth, mental health, and signs of chronic diseases. This way, any concerns are caught early, and your child has an all-inclusive documented medical file. 

What’s particularly beneficial about selecting a family practice doctor is that they can care for your child from birth and throughout the rest of their life. Your child doesn’t have to transfer to another physician when they become an adult.  

How often should my child visit their doctor?

During your child’s first two years of life, they should visit several times a year. After all, most of their growth and development occurs during those first two years. By age two, your child should see the practice once a year for routine annual exams.

However, if your little one has a developmental concern or chronic condition, Dr. Albert could suggest more frequent visits. You should also bring your child into the practice outside of their routine exams if they:

  • Have an infection or illness
  • Become injured
  • Need sports or school exams
  • Experience depression or anxiety
  • Need vaccines or vaccinations

By building a relationship with a trusted team, your child always has someone they know and feel comfortable with throughout their younger years.

What happens during a pediatric exam?

Your child’s pediatric exam is tailored to them depending on their age, development, and specific health needs. In general, though, pediatric exams involve:

  • Getting caught up on immunizations and boosters
  • Going through physical examinations
  • Evaluating vision and hearing
  • Collecting blood or urine (if needed)
  • Gathering weight and height measurements
  • Taking X-rays or other imaging (if needed)

If your child is approaching their teen years — or is already at that age — part of their pediatric exam with Dr. Albert may also include discussing what happens during that time frame, such as puberty and menstruation.

Book your child’s pediatric care exam at Texas Medical Home by calling the clinic or using the online booking feature.