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Routine preventive care is the best way to detect early warning signs that something is awry in your body. With his specialized training in overall wellness, preventive care, and family medicine, Antoine Albert, MD, and his team at Texas Medical Home can help you reach your optimal health. Whether you’re experiencing symptoms or simply need a routine physical, schedule your appointment at the Richardson, Texas, clinic by calling or using the online booking feature.

Preventative Care Q & A

How is preventive care defined?

Preventive care means taking steps to decrease your risk of developing chronic diseases, especially if you have a family history of certain conditions. Rather than treating a specific symptom, concern, or condition alone, your doctor evaluates your overall health.

Dr. Albert may monitor your weight and blood biomarkers, and thoroughly cover your family medical history. This way, he gathers a well-rounded vision of your overall health and can help you achieve optimal wellness.

What does my preventive care appointment include?

Your preventive care appointment is generally the same as your routine annual exam or physical. It is your one-on-one time with Dr. Albert where he addresses all of your concerns and issues. Part of your visit could include:

  • Physical exam
  • Diet, weight, and nutrition counseling
  • Family history evaluations
  • Blood or urine analyses
  • Updates on inoculations
  • Prescription medication adjustments

If you have a chronic care need, such as heart disease, high cholesterol, or diabetes, Dr. Albert evaluates your current health status. He then makes any necessary adjustments to your medication, diet, or care plan.

The harder you work to make lifestyle changes to manage chronic conditions, the more likely you are to prevent future health issues. For instance, if you start losing weight to control your chronic Type 2 diabetes, your blood pressure and cholesterol are likely to decrease, protecting your heart and other vital organs.

Why would I need additional preventive care testing?

If after evaluating your blood tests Dr. Albert discovers that you have an abnormal biomarker, or if you’re concerned about specific symptoms, he could order additional testing or diagnostic evaluations. For instance, if you’re losing weight and have higher-than-normal blood sugar, Dr. Albert might order an A1c blood test to check your long-term blood sugar levels to help diagnose diabetes.

Women over age 40 should start receiving regular mammograms unless you have a family history that requires earlier testing. If you’re over age 50, it might be time to start routine colonoscopy testing. These are just some of the diagnostic tools designed to catch early warning signs and get you started on a treatment and prevention plan.

Book your preventive care appointment at Texas Medical Home by calling the office or using the convenient online booking system.